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    Apostle Phill Vermeulen is married to Anneline Vermeulen and together they have 3 sons named Judah, Zion, and Ezra. Together with his wife and eldest son Judah, they pioneered and planted MyChurch London in the very humble beginnings of their home in Wembley, London. Apostles Phill and Anneline Vermeulen serve as Senior Pastors of MyChurch London. Both Apostles Phill and Anneline Vermeulen operate in the office of the Apostle and are currently overseeing 3 MyChurch branches.

    Apostle Phill has always been passionate about planting churches, raising sons and daughters for kingdom impact, and mobilising the youth to dominate in every arena available to them. Apostle Phill is the founder and CEO of Firebreed Family which has been active in lighting revival fires and encounters within the body of Christ globally and raising emerging voices across the globe. Apostle Phill Vermeulen has been traveling to multiple nations as a guest speaker since 2001.

    Apostle Phill operates powerfully in the prophetic, understanding how the Oracles of God are to be discerned, interpreted, and delivered to whom he is ministering. God has given him a voice to break open the heavens and declare the ‘now’ word of God. Apostle Phill has raised up many prophetic teams and is passionate about training local churches in understanding the dynamics of the prophetic, understanding the role of Apostles in the New Testament church, and practical ways of setting up prophetic companies to function within a local church.

    Apostle Phill has authored his first book entitled, ‘Prophetic Intelligence’, this book has received multiple reviews for its groundbreaking concepts and technologies of the prophetic. This book deals with the need for intelligence in understanding the realm and the world of prophetics. He just authored his newest book entitled, The Honour Code which has been released and published through Amazon.


    Yours in the Master’s Service,

    Apostle Phillip Vermeulen

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    The Honour Code was written by Phill Vermeulen, expressly for believers to bring an understanding of both the need for honour as well as the biblical principles that underpin this lifestyle.

    We have seen the desire of men and women to be free and unhindered in their Godly pursuits at the expense of truly understanding honour. This has brought external worldly standards or lack of standards into our church communities where disrespect and dishonour has been the new normal. I would like to take this opportunity to ask you, would you allow me to show you in the Word of God, a more excellent way – the way of Honour?

    The fruit of being honourable, and a life of honour is immense. Don’t live a life less than God intended. Join me and so many others as we move in greater levels of honour for our generation.