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BRAND NEW! A More Excellent Way, by Phillip & Anneline Vermeulen.

Whenever God wants to take you into a new season, He imparts a fresh revelation!

No matter the depths you’ve gone to in God, there is always an invitation to come up higher. God is always doing a new thing, and although you may feel stuck, there is more that God has in store for you, He wants to show you A More Excellent Way.

Journey with us as we explore some patterns and principles that will enrich your life as you align with God’s desire for your destiny.

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The Honour Code was written by Phill Vermeulen, expressly for believers to bring an understanding of both the need for honour as well as the biblical principles that underpin this lifestyle.

We have seen the desire of men and women to be free and unhindered in their Godly pursuits at the expense of truly understanding honour. This has brought external worldly standards or lack of standards into our church communities where disrespect and dishonour has been the new normal. I would like to take this opportunity to ask you, would you allow me to show you in the Word of God, a more excellent way – the way of Honour?

The fruit of being honourable, and a life of honour is immense. Don’t live a life less than God intended. Join me and so many others as we move in greater levels of honour for our generation.

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