Translating Heaven into Contemporary Culture

We are a church that is Word-based but Spirit-led. A multicultural church felt through its community.

We are a church that is prophetically potent through dynamic praise and worship and kingdom declarations. A church that is governmental in its dominion in the earth.


to give God a HOME


we all care
we all contribute
we are all soul winners

God’s heartbeat is people.

MyChurch is …

  • A family known by love, expressed with excellence
    “Without love, there is no need to prophecy” – 1 Cor 13:2
  • experienced within a community, demonstrated through relationships
    “ …Bear with each other…make every effort to keep unity of the Spirit” – Eph 4:3
  • establishing kingdom culture in every sphere of influence through active faith
    “ The kingdom of the world has now become the kingdom of our God” – Rev 11:5
  • Christ-centered, building on the teachings of Jesus, with prayer, prophecy and authentic worship as our pillars
    “ For you have been called for this purpose… so that you would follow in His steps”- 1 Pet 2:21
  • Committed to developing greatness only achieved through serving
    “ But you will not be like them,…instead the one who leads will be like the one who serves.” – Luke 22:26

About Our Pastors

Apostle Phill and Pastor Anneline Vermeulen are the senior and founding pastors of MyChurch London. Apostle Phill is married to Pastor Anneline and they have three beautiful boys. MyChurch London was planted in January 2011 in their home in Wembley, UK. Apostle Phill first received the call of God at the tender age of 17 and both he and his wife have been serving in ministry for over 20 years. Apostle Phill completed his theological studies in 2002 and has a heart to see men and women of God raised up and released into their prophetic destiny. He is the author of Prophetic Intelligence, which is a great source demystifying the prophetic call and function. He has also released a new book entitled The Honour Code. Pastor Anneline has been instrumental in administrating the prophetic call and expression of MyChurch London. She also has a passion for working with children.

MyChurch London is a non-profit church and relies on the generous contributions of people around the world. Kindly consider giving to MyChurch London today.